PGdebt 8X information

NO LONGER FOR SALE, existing users only, for re-installation purposes only.

PGdebt 8X
You must have a PG8X license key to install this program

( e.g.PG8XW-XXXX-XXXX-XX )    

Download PG8X full version (5mb)
Download a tutorial on PG8 basics
(Well worth it !)

Download additional tutorials

(17 more available)
Download the manual as .pdf
(vital for networking instructions)


No charge to upgrade existing PG8X licences.
You must have an existing licence key to install PG8X



How to install this program.. You MUST have an existing PG8X license key

  • PG8X is no longer for sale as the triggers are years out of date and not in the best interests of most clients. These will never be updated again by Money Advice Trust.  Customers can only buy PGdebt 9 which has the latest triggers

  • This program is not available to new buyers.  Make sure you have a PG8X licence key for every PC installation. The download is free if you have an existing PG8X key. (e.g. PG8XW-XXXX-XXXX-XX) This program is obsolete, however, the CFS is out of date, as are the triggers which are no longer being updated by MAT. However if you want to upgrade an existing installation to the latest PG8X version, or you wish to reload for any reason, you may download in order to do so. Please contact us if in doubt

  • Existing users, please download this file (pg8install.exe). You may be asked if you wish to run the file or save it. The choice is yours. If you save the file, when the download is complete, just locate the downloaded file and run it to install PG8X

  • If you are updating an existing installation of PG8X, do NOT delete anything. Just install 'over the top' of your existing setup so that existing settings are retained

  • On the first run of PG8X you will be prompted to configure the licence. Please select STANDALONE. Do this even though you are setting up a network installation, the program runs standalone on the PC, only the data is shared. You will be prompted to enter your licence key, if you have a previous PG8X installation, the previous key may be offered. If this is not offered, please put in your existing licence key. You may be asked to give a name and address on a first install. We will not pass these details to anyone else.
    If you select TRIAL for licence configuration, the program will not install. PG8 trials are not possible.
Details of the PG8X license and terms and conditions are available here.

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