PGdebt 9 tutorials

PGdebt 9 video tutorials
The 5 tutorials below will run at once

To view these tutorials, you need a browser with Java enabled and a recent version of Adobe Flash Player. Most Windows PCs meet these requirements.
The tutorials will open up in a separate browser window.
You may need to resize your browser to maximum, or press F11 to increase screen size. These videos are close to full size for PG9, which requires a 1024 x 768 minimum screen resolution.
There is a video control bar below each tutorial screen, to start, pause, restart, stop, and reposition the video and set the sound volume. You can pause viewing at any time and drag the slider back to view again. Make sure you can see this control bar before starting.

Introduction to PGdebt 9   
A basic introduction for new users  (11 mins)

This is a basic introduction to all the main parts and windows in PGdebt 9.  It's essential viewing for users who are not familiar with PGdebt.  For experienced users who are upgrading, the videos below may be more useful.

3 minute demo of PGdebt 9
A quick demo of what PG9 does !  (3 mins)

Absolute PGdebt 9 basics

Word processor changes and email
Upgrading from PG7/8 to PG9 (9 mins)

Changes in the presentation of the word processor and a completely new facility to send email from the program.

The new CFS
PG7/8 to PG9 (11 mins)

The new CFS is completely different. This video descrobes the changes and how they operate with new files and files which still use the old CFS and the PGdebt FS.
The options window
Including changes from PG7/8 to PG9 (4 mins)
PG9 has several new features which means that some changes have been necessary to the Options window.
Other tutorials Please check out the PG7/8 tutorials below. Many of them are equally applicable to PG9and these are marked. Please note that these are not Flash tutorials, they have to be downloaded to your PC

PGdebt 9 .pdf data sheets

These are tutorial documents in .pdf format for reading on screen or printout

Summary of changes PG8-PG9
This describes the main changes from PG8 to PG9 and is itended for usesr upgrading from one to the other
Setting up and using email in PG9 This has full details and description of how to use email in PG9. It does take a bit of setting up before you can get going
Setting up your own letterhead in PG9 For Advanced user only, this data sheet tells how to set up a letterhead in PG8 and 9. This can be quite a complicated process. If you can't do it, we may be able to do this for you at a cost of around £50.00
Installation manual This installation manual is actually part of the download, so it may already be on your PC, but it is available here just in case. This contains instructions for setting up PGdebt on a network.

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