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PG Computing Ltd has stopped trading and Paul retired in 2011 (!), TECH SUPPORT is no longer available.
Existing PGdebt users can continue for the time being with their existing software and license keys.
Continued use of PGdebt is at your own risk...the software is outdated and not compliant with the new SFS.

NB. NO NEW LICENSES ARE AVAILABLE FOR NEW OR OLD USERS. PGdebt is no longer for sale and can no longer be replaced on old computers.
Existing installations may continue, but will not last for ever.

The PGdebt program code was frozen in 2011, has not been updated since then and will not be changed or updated ever again. However the trigger figures have been kept up to date and will be updated (for the last time) in April 2020. They will appear automatically on your systems in April 2020 depending when your individual PCs auto-update. There is no need to take any action to get the new figures...see the lower section of this web page. Please note that I cannot comment on the new trigger values...they are set by MAT, not by me.

PGdebt will not be compatible with the new SFS Financial Statement when it arrives.


NB. When the new SFS is eventually released, the CFS will be out of date and PGdebt will be out of date too. The only option will be to move to more modern debt software. Please do this now to avoid chaos when the CFS stops and you are left without any debt software and perhaps unable to access existing case files. Users have been warned for 10 years that this situation is approaching, but some users still continue to use PGdebt. It will not continue much longer !


PGdebt is out of date and this website will close soon.

PGdebt current issues and information


PGdebt 9 will update the new CFS triggers automatically in the week commencing 13 April 2019, the actual date depends on your system settings and useage .
The process is automatic, there is no need to do anything or contact Paul.    
The new figures take effect on all NEW cases as soon as they are downloaded.
NB: All existing cases will retain their existing older triggers, even after the new figures are in place, but if you wish, you can change an existing client to the latest figures on an individual basis by RIGHT clicking anywhere on the Income/Expenditure window and choosing the appropriate popup menu item.
There is also an item on the FS menu. NB. Take care as this change is irreversible for that client.

If you are concerned, you can check the status of your triggers by observing the information in the PG9 "about" box. Click "About" on the top menu.
The new 2020 update is No. 19, effective from April 13 2019 and the latest CFS version is shown as 202004 (in PG terminology)

PG5/6/7 do not use the CFS trigger system at all, so nothing will change.
PG8 and 8X use a system which is many many years out of date and will not be updated as MAT no longer supports their version.

Please be aware that the PG9 installation file downloads on the website are no longer available, you cannot re-install PG9.


WINDOWS 7/8/10 64 bit:
PGdebt 9 has not been tested extensively on 64bit versions of Windows 7, but several users are running it without problems so it seems to be compatible.     
PGdebt8 and 8X will not run on Windows 64 bit.    Both PG8 and 9 will run on Win7 32 bit.
No version of PGdebt has been tested on Windows 8, 8.1 or 10. (Though it appears to be OK) PGdebt is obsolete... change to a replacement NOW !.

ERROR 739: "The program has been installed or copied too many times":
If you get this message or a similar one quoting error 739, this means the same license key is running on 2 PCs when it is only licensed for 1 PC. The only solution is to audit your PCs, note the license keys in use and if you find the same key in use more than once, then PGdebt should be deleted from one of the duplicate PCs. If the PC is still locked even after deleting all duplicates we may need to release it. Please email quoting the full license key concerned.
This error usually arises because a user has moved the program from an old PC to a new one and forgotten to delete it from the old PC where it has been accidentally used again. There are tech bulletins on how to move PGdebt, make sure you use the right one.
NB: Error 739 is not a program fault, it will appear if you exceed your license terms.