Self help...if all else fails

PG Computing is currently a very small, part time business and intends to stay that way !
This means that, although I always answer the phone if I am here, I am not always available for technical help. Extending the technical help hours is not possible without a steep increase in the initial cost of PGdebt or alternatively, making users pay for tech. help. This latter solution is common with software providers and even ' free' technical helplines and 0800 numbers have to be paid for somehow.

If I am not contactable, please leave a message, or preferably a fax or e-mail with FULL details of the problem and I will deal with it as soon as possible. However, you may care to try a little self are a few suggestions.

Please note that many problems are caused by changes in the Supervisor section of the Options windows by persons who should not have access to these sections. Please set a genuine (secret) Supervisor Password to keep these sections safe. Frequent other problems are caused by not shutting the computer down properly, this may or may not be the user's fault, but make sure everyone knows that it is VITAL to close the machine down properly. Improper shutdown can corrupt a table which is seldom used, but which then brings up an error days or weeks later. Later versions of PGdebt try to combat this but prevention is better than a cure !

CABx in Northern Ireland have their own special in-house help facilities.
CABx in Scotland have their own help service from CAS IT services.
CABx in England and Wales have no special arrangements with PG Computing. It is unlikely that Citizens Advice IT services (was CUBS) can help with PG6 problems, though they may be able to help with Windows or Network matters.

If all else fails try the following, in this order, but do not delete any files:

If you get a lot of lockups or freezes or other indeterminate problems...check your memory (RAM) installation. PGdebt will run on Windows 95 computers with only 16mb RAM, but it is very tight and problems may occur. If your PC has low RAM, consider upgrading it, RAM is a very cost effective upgrade and more will improve everything, not just PGdebt.
Minimum RAM requirements:
Windows 95
Windows 98/me   32mb
Windows 2000 / NT4   32mb absolute minimum, 64 better.
Windows XP   64mb absolute min, 128 better, or higher if required by Windows

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