PGdebt 9 information and screenshots

The top image shows the new CFS screen. On the left is the budget sheet section. All income and expenditure is entered here and automatically sub-totalled and totaled in the FS Income and Expenditure sections on the right. You can ignore the budget if you wish, but it seems easier to use it. The thick blue lines are draggable borders so the various screen elements can be larger or smaller as you wish, the program remembers these settings. Totals have moved to the bottom to save space and new buttons allow the budget sheet to be previewed and printed. The slightly darker background to the pensions section matches the totals section on the right, double clicking on a totals line will make the budget jump to that section. Line numbers are hidden, you can show them if you wish. The tabs now include the CFS 'assets' section. The triggers are shown on this screen but can be hidden. This image is a little smaller than most users will choose to make it show on this web page better, on most screens the items will not be truncated.

The next image shows the PG9 Word processor and email screen.
The picture shows an unmerged standard letter at the top of the window and an unmerged email at the foot of the window. Between these is the email control panel. The email system can be completely hidden if you don't intend ever to use it, or dragged up and down to change the relative sizes.
When you load a new standard letter, a standard email is loaded automatically into the bottom panel. When you merge, both the letter and the email are merged.
The bottom image shows the situation after merging

The picture below shows the letter and email after merging.
As well as merging these, the program also mail merges the email Subject line and address. (the email address in this demo is a test one). The merged creditors are listed on the right. Select the one you want and everything changes.
On the right you can select whether to send the letter and/or FS or just the email, you can also set encryption and/or copy to yourself. Click the "send email" button to actually send the message.

To send a letter and FS by email in PGdebt 9

  • Open client file
  • Open Mailmerge (WP) window...Select the letter you want
  • Email opens automatically, choose another email if you wish
  • Make the merge, select the creditor you want to send to
  • Everything will merge for you, check to see it is OK
  • Select whether to send email/letter/FS or whatever, set encryption and copy if required
  • Click "Send email",
  • That is it !
  • Click another creditor, it all re-merges, click "Send email"
  • Repeat as necessary

You can still click a single button to print all the letters, but we have omitted a system to send all the emails at a single seems a bit risky. There is the possibility that the wrong letter might be chosen or some other error might be present in the letter and one click might send fifty mistakes. We will see what you want in regard to this after some experience.

Client details window

Creditor data window

Case record window

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