PGdebt 9 license agreement

----------PGDEBT 9 LICENCE AGREEMENT--------

----------Licence keys
PGdebt is licenced, not sold outright. Buyers must accept these licence terms in order to use the software legally. If the buyer breaks the licence terms, it may be withdrawn, in which case the software will cease to operate and no refunds will be given. Every PC on which PGdebt 9 is installed requires a licence key. You should not install the same licence key on more than one PC. If you do install a key twice then one or both PCs may be cut off without warning.

Trials are free for 30 days. If you decide to buy the program, payment must be received within 30 days of invoice. If payment is delayed the software will stop running until payment is received.

----------Lost licence keys
Lost keys can be replaced but there will be a charge if the original key has been misused and has to be disabled so that a replacement key can be issued. Take care of your keys, if another person uses your key, YOU could be cut off.

PGdebt 9 requires internet access at regular intervals for licence checks and updates. Users may have to configure firewalls and proxy servers etc to allow the program internet access

----------Common Financial Statement (CFS)
Use of the CFS may be subject to conditions specified by Money Advice Trust on their web site.

PGdebt 9 must be installed locally on network workstations and is not suitable for networks where the workstations do not have their own local hard discs. Installing the program on a server, then running it from the workstations will cause the licence to be locked as the program will not run successfully in this way for technical reasons. We will not support any user who ignores this requirement. Special instructions in the manual describe how to use laptops and networks together. The program is not designed for networks spanning different locations or VPNs, though it may work successfully. These aspects should be tested during the trial period. PGdebt 9 will not work with Citrix or similar systems.

----------Use on multiple computers and laptops which are *not* networked
The manual describes procedures recommended if using the program on separate non-networked computers located at the same site. If the program is to be used on multiple computers it is much better to network them.

Copyright on PGdebt software is owned by Paul Grenet. If you have purchased a PGdebt 9 license key, you may download a replacement copy of PGdebt 9 for use with that key. Making copies of the software without permission is a breach of copyright and is illegal.

----------Use of PGdebt files by other software
Using software other than PGdebt 9 to read PGdebt files can wreck the PGdebt files. We cannot be responsible for this misuse.

----------Use of PGdebt 9 files by earlier PGdebt versions
PG9 can read PG5/6/7/8/8X files. But these older versions cannot read PG9 files and can wreck them. Please do not continue to use older versions once you have upgraded some of your PCs to PGdebt 9.

----------Old licence keys
Upgrading to PG9 at a reduced upgrade price from PG8X, cancels your PG8X licence. PG8X licence keys will be de-activated by PG9 installation

The PGdebt program is issued in good faith, but without any guarantee that it is suitable for any particular purpose. The user must make sure that the program is suitable for his or her needs. PG Computing cannot accept any liability for any loss or damage whatsoever that arises from the use or misuse of the PGdebt Computer Program. A trial period is available so that potential users may satisfy themselves that the program meets their requirements and runs properly on their equipment.

A free one month trial is available for potential users to check that the program does what they require and runs on their equipment and situation. We reserve the right to cancel a trial at any time or restrict or extend the trial period.

The PGdebt manual describes how to back up the PGdebt client and system files. We will not be responsible for problems arising from failure to back up properly and we may not be able to help you solve problems if a backup is not available.

----------Technical support
Technical support by email is free for the trial program and three months after purchase of the full program. After that, occasional calls for support will be free but heavy users of technical support may be charged. You will be warned in good time if charging is a possibility. PG Computing is not a full time organisation and is not continuously manned. At our discretion we may accept telephone calls, but we will not phone you back on a mobile phone or outside the UK. If you are outside the UK tech support is by email only. A good source of information if you cannot reach us is at where most common problems are listed with their solutions.

----------PG Computing Ltd
PG Computing is a very small business and though we try very hard, we may not be able to provide the levels of service obtainable from larger organisations. The PG Computing office is not always open. Complaints should be directed to PG Computing Ltd. at, quoting full details, licence key and invoice number.

----------Buyer's Purchasing Terms and Conditions
PG Computing will not accept any attempt by the buyer to insist that the buyer's Terms and Conditions must take precedence over PG Computing's licence terms, nor does PG Computing accept any conditions which have not been presented to us in writing by the buyer, before the purchase.

Buyers should make use of the free trial to make sure the program is suitable for their needs. You have the right to cancel your purchase of PGdebt software for any reason within 8 days of receipt of the goods. In this case the licence key will be disabled and payment will be returned. After 8 days cancellation is at our discretion and a cancellation fee may be deducted. After 3 months cancellation is not possible.

----------Data Protection Act
PG Computing holds names and addresses on a computer database for administration of the business. Details are not released to third parties. If you wish to be removed from this list, please let us know.
PG Computing Ltd

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