PGdebt technical bulletin 20

Tips for IT professionals

All the information here is covered in more detail in the Installation Manual and other Tech Bulletins. This is just a quick list of tips for people familiar with PGdebt

Three vital points

New Installations
Log on as Windows Administrator for the installation
The latest version of PGdebt (PGdebt8X) must be downloaded from and can be
installed from the downloaded .exe file which is a complete installation routine. This system will apply to all
future versions of PGdebt, no more CDs will be provided. PG8X requires internet access every few days for
license checks. It cannot be installed on PCs which don’t have internet. Laptops need internet every few days
as well.

On first run, the program needs to be configured. Internet is required. There are two options, Trial and
Standalone. If you select Trial the program will assign a license key and it will run for a month. If you select
Standalone, you will have to provide the license key which the user has purchased. Even for a network
installation, choose Standalone.

PGdebt8 (not PGdebt8X), PGdebt7,6,5 are all available on CD or floppies for old versions. None of these is
available any more. Instructions are on the media. No internet is required for these older versions.
The program will go into folder C:\PGDEBT8. This is not ideal but it retains compatibility with older versions
and causes little trouble. If you change the default installation folder, then upgrades will not find the original
installation. Please stick to the default location. Users must have full read\write access to the folder
C:\PGDEBT8 and subfolders.

Log on as Windows Administrator for the installation
PGdebt 8X must be downloaded, as above. For 8,7,6,5 use the CD or media. Preferably do not use any CDs
which contain PGdebt8X (a few are around). It is better to download the latest version and use that.
The downloaded version can be used any time to update an existing PG8X, but you should not update older
versions unless the user has purchased a license key.

On first run, the program needs to be configured. Internet is required. There are two options, Trial and
Standalone. You should always select standalone, even for a network installation, choose Standalone, you will
have to provide the license key which the user has purchased. Keys are listed on the license document. If no
key is available, please contact me.

The program will go into the existing PGdebt folder. This may be C:\PGDEBT8 or 7 or 6 or 5, depending on
what version the user first had when first installing PGdebt on that PC, perhaps years ago. Do not change this.
Users must have full access to the folder C:\PGDEBT8 or whatever it is called on the individual PC.


Re-installing resets all PGdebt passwords, remember to re-enter these. Always set a PG “supervisor”
password, this prevents unauthorised changes to many parts of the program.


PGdebt is installed locally on the workstations, never put it on the server. PG8X and PG9 will not run on a
server, they will lock out after a few uses. PG5-8 will not run properly, Place the data and other important files
on the server. Make a folder on the server with 4 or 5 subfolders. Do not call it PGDEBT…chose another name
( PG will do) to avoid confusing terminology later.

The folder C:\PG on the server needs to be mapped from the workstations with a logical drive letter. It needs to
be shared so that users can have full access to the files in the folder and subfolders.
The workstations need to be configured to look to the server for their data. This is done from
Options/supervisor/files-paths. So the folders might be set to say…

It is very important that all workstations use the same physical folders. They can be located anywhere and
called anything, but they must all be shared and available for read/write access by any PGdebt USER.


The latest version is available on the PG Computing web site and any licensed owner of PGdebt 8X who has
bought a license key can upgrade at any time by downloading the program and installing it. Users who do not
have 8X will need to buy license keys first…if they do install as a trial without a key, the program will stop
running in a month.

License keys

PGdebt 8X and all future versions use the CopyMinder license control system. This requires a license key. The
program checks regularly to see if a key has been used on more than one PC and if this happens it will monitor
the situation for a while then cut off one of the PCs if dual use continues. So if a key is used at home then the
office PC will get cut off. To avoid license hassle only use each key once.

Moving PGdebt to another PC

This is permitted. Install the program on the new PC and use the license key from the old PC. This will be
allowed but if the old PC is used again, one of them will be cut off. To avoid problems, remove PGdebt from the
original PC as soon as it is installed on the new one. The manual contains info on which files to move across to
move data and other settings. Don’t use the PG in-program backup/restore…move the files listed in the manual


Some versions of PGdebt may crash on start-up if there is no default printer set up for the USER profile. Always
install a default printer…do this on laptops too. The printer is not required…just the driver.


PGdebt may tell you what is wrong. Any message about “access denied” or “cannot find file PGCOMMON.INI”
probably means the drive mapping is not correct or the USER does not have read write access to the PGdebt
folder and server folders.

The most common problem with CABx is that the USERs do not have read/write access to the server folders.
To test this, close PGdebt then get the user to sit at the workstation and try to make a copy of a file in the
COMMON folder on the server using Windows. If they cant do this its an access problem.

A known bug relates to the word processor. A few users will find that characters and words are superimposed
on their letters after printing. (I cannot track this down, but it is rare). To fix it place a tick in the checkbox “ Use
WP simple mode” which is located at Options/supervisor/security.

Merging two case loads on separate PCs
This is possible but will corrupt the statistics. Contact us for advice. The merge will probably have to be done
at the end of the stats year and after that date stats from earlier will not be available (or at least not correct !)
Changing a standalone PC to a network
Covered in the manual. Basically the data and four subfolders mentioned earlier will need to be moved to the
server, then the PC configured to point at the server for data.


There is an in-house backup within PGdebt for individual PCs (ie where there is no network). The four
subfolders need backing up. With a network, only the PG folder and subfolders on the server need backing up.

Installation Manual

For PGdebt 8X this is located at Start/All programs/PGdebt8/manual
Full information on network installations is found here.

Tech bulletins

Bulletins covering many aspects of PGdebt are on the web site