PGdebt technical bulletin 19
Restoring from the PG 'in house' backup with PGdebt8X
This bulletin covers PG8X only ( with the Internet licensing system )

If you have PG8X you will be aware of the Internet licensing system which it uses.  This is working well but the extra files it needs do cause a minor problem in the event that you need to restore PG8X from backup. This only applies to the PG "in house" backup.

Please be aware that the "in house" backup is designed to backup a PC and restore again to the same PC if there has been a problem, it is not designed to restore to another PC (i.e. to move the program to another PC) If you use the backup to restore to a different PC, one of two things will happen.

If you wish to restore to a different PC, please follow the procedure in Tech Bulletin 18.

If you need to restore from the PG8X in house backup on the same PC, proceed as follows:

If there is a problem

All should now be OK

Remember that if you use the wrong license key...another PC will get cut off...take care...use the same license key...the program recognises the PC and the key