PGdebt technical bulletin 14

Dockable Laptop Operation with networks (PG7/8/9)... Step by Step

There is a separate bulletin for handling laptops which cannot be connected to a network. The facilities described here cannot be used with these. Tech bulletin 13.
If your laptop can be docked, PGD provides a special system for automatically reconfiguring itself, dependent on whether you are on or off the network. To achieve this you must close down the program is a special way and this triggers the reconfiguration for nest start up.

The system needs to be 'switched on' on the laptop only, from Options/Supervisor/Docking. This is to keep the various mode messages out of site for people who are not using the docking system. Once activated it can be left alone. The red notice will be visible at the foot of the screen showing the current mode.

The main thing to realise is that the laptop it basically treated as another PC on the network…the only changes need to be made BEFORE you wish to undock and use it elsewhere.

Normal program use … Network mode
The normal way to use the program is with the laptop attached/docked to the network, with all files stored and being accessed from the network folders. The laptop is just another PC on the network.If you want to work elsewhere, off the network, you must set up the machine for standalone mode BEFORE removing from the network.

Configuring for Standalone mode
On the network, close down PGdebt by selecting the special File menu item …"Re-config to dockable standalone mode then exit".
This brings up a box with your network client files in it…select those you wish to take, if any, and move them into the right hand box. It is only intended that you take a few files.
Click "Reconfigure now"…OK…OK and the PC will close down.
Log off and disconnect from the network.
Do this if you want to use the laptop elsewhere, even if you do not wish to take any client files, it enables various other files to be moved across in the background.

Opening in Standalone Mode
Just start PGdebt as usual and it will be in Dockable Standalone Mode.
In this mode many housekeeping functions are not available…the PC has copied the config from the network and you cannot change it OFF the network
Your files will be available or start new ones if required. They will be stored in a special place on the laptop.

Configuring for Network mode
Whilst off the network, close PGdebt down using the special menu item "Reconfig to Dockable Network Mode then exit" …OK…OK and the PC will close down.
Return to the network, connect up and log onto the network…ensure all network connections are made and running normally.
Start PGdebt and a box will appear with your laptop mode client files in it…move these back to the network with the "Copy files" button. You must move all of them (or none).
Once the files are moved, you are back on the network, running as normal with the laptop PC being just another network machine.

If you forget to reconfigure on shutdown
If this happens there are three possibilities:

You are off the network but forgot to set up the laptop for standalone mode…in this case the program will show various warnings as it is in network mode but can't find the network. This may mean you cannot start PGdebt til you go back to the network. Depending on your version of PG8 or 9 you may be offered the chance to revert to Dockable Standalone mode but this is a bad situation as you have not been able to download the latest files from the server and no client files will be available, though you can start new client files.

You are off the network in Standalone mode. You close down and set it up for Network Mode by mistake. Then you are in Network Mode without a network. Depending on your version of PG8 or 9, you may be offerd the chance to revert to Standalone Mode

You dock onto the network with the PC still in standalone mode…in this case the PC will start in standalone mode and will not find its files on the network…Just close down PGdebt by using the special menu item "Reconfig to Dockable Network Mode then exit". Then restart and PGdebt will find the network.