PGdebt technical bulletin 4a

Extra information on upgrading a PGdebt 5 standalone to a PGdebt 8 network

Note that there are separate bulletins for new installations, this is for upgrades.
Complete instructions are in the installation manual.
Please read the whole leaflet before starting.
Consider phoning PG Computing for advice.

Who is going to do this configuration ?
Please remember that all networks should have a network supervisor, who is responsible for setup, backups and all network troubleshooting and administration. The supervisor should carry out this installation. The supervisor should have administrator rights for Windows XP and be able to map and share network folders and adjust security settings.

One vital point
Since the number of PG5 users is now so low, we have removed the utility which converts the creditor database from PG5 to PG8 format. This can still be done, of course, but you have to send the files to us.

General principles
PGdebt 8 must be installed and set to run locally on every workstation. Only the client data files and some other important files are shared between the computers. These shared files should be set up in specific folders on the server, for client server networks, and on the 'master' or 'main' computer for peer to peer networks.

Your old client files, creditor database, standard letters and stats data is on your old PG5 PC. These files have to be moved to the network server or master PC.

The installation manual has instructions for the installation. You should follow the instructions in "OPTION 3 Completely new installations". Do not omit the preliminary procedure to make a sync disc so that your old database can be converted.
The instructions will guide you through:

When you have finished the installation, you will have all your old settings, client file,s etc. running OK ,but the creditor database will be the PGdebt default one unless you have saved your old database and have it converted by PG Computing.

Your existing creditor database
You can use the default creditor database which comes with PG8, that is the situation you are in now if you have followed the above instructions. But your old database (which has all your local and personal creditors in it) can be converted by us. Please send the 'synch' disc which you made to PG Computing and we will convert it and return it to you with instructions. The sync disc contains no client or confidential information. If you did not make a synch disc, it may still be possible to use you old database. Contact us for advice before disposing of the old PG5 PC or deleting any PGdebt files from it.

Synchronising computers on the network is not required, but if you have any standalone PCs which never connected to the network, then these must be synchronised. See the manual for details.

Backing up everything necessary in PG8 is very easy on a network. Just back up the data, stanlets and common folders on the server/master, and you will have backed up all client data, standard letters, creditor database and the VITAL statistics file PGCOMMON.INI
Your network supervisor should have a robust backup routine in place, so make sure these folders are included in it. If all else fails you can back up PGdebt using the in-program backup facility. However to do this PGdebt must be installed and properly configured on the server and the backup can only be made from the server.